Korean Seasoned Tofu

A Facebook friend requested my recipe for this, a favorite dish in our home. This is a great way to integrate tofu into your diet, and if you like spicy dishes, you will love this!

TBT, baby!

One of the new directives we are taking to heart with our revamped nutritional plan is to not waste food. Whether it is leftovers, fresh fruits or vegetables nearing the end of their life span in the crisper, or sheer boredom, we are newly determined to use our food more thoroughly, more creatively, and not waste our resources.


A yen for the yin...

I remember with clarity my love affair with fresh shiitake mushrooms, how I wanted to eat them in everything, and the ensuing furor when my macrobiotic counselor found out that my next door neighbor and I were sauteeing them by the pan full and consuming them with gusto. At that time it was rare to find them fresh, but we had found a unique little grocer not far from us owned by an Asian man that also carried tons of organic groceries we needed for our new lifestyle. So each week we loaded up bags of the mushrooms, and enjoyed them...that is, until Mina found out.