In the studio...

I was so happy to be in my studio this weekend, and though I spent most of my time cleaning and doing some production work, I was pleased to have this bracelet finish up so nicely. I am inordinately fond of mixed metal work, and had been wanting to create some pieces with contrasting metals. Since we have now produced our castings in blonde and bronze tone finishes, I took a few home with me and picked up a hammered cuff I had already had clad in sterling.

The castings, made of lead free pewter here in the US, have substance but are easily riveted to a base. You can see the tiny rivets near the top and bottom of the cross shown here. The cuff itself had already picked up some patina through natural oxidation, so only the crosses needed a little dip in our brown solution. A little polishing afterward yielded just the result I was after. I am so pleased with the look that I am popping some cuff bases in a box this afternoon for the sterling overlay!

What's on your table?


Korean Seasoned Tofu

A Facebook friend requested my recipe for this, a favorite dish in our home. This is a great way to integrate tofu into your diet, and if you like spicy dishes, you will love this!

TBT, baby!

One of the new directives we are taking to heart with our revamped nutritional plan is to not waste food. Whether it is leftovers, fresh fruits or vegetables nearing the end of their life span in the crisper, or sheer boredom, we are newly determined to use our food more thoroughly, more creatively, and not waste our resources.